Customer Services


Shipping & Delivery

We've made this website as easy and simple as we can for you to view and order our products... but how will the order get to you? We like our customers to be assured that they will receive their orders first time, every time, and we believe that this is an important part of our service - so important in fact, that we have a special page, just to tell you about our Shipping & Delivery information.Click here to go to go to our Shipping & Delivery Page

Track My Order

Once your order has been confirmed as despatched, you should receive a courier tracking link to track your orders' progress. If you haven't received an expected tracking ID, please check on your account dashboard to ensure payment has been processed for the order correctly and that the order status is showing as despatched. Please contact us if there are any issues. Click here to go to go to our Contact Us page

Privacy & Security

We value your privacy and your security as second to none.  If you are concerned that anything on this website violates your privacy in any way please contact us straight away.  This does not affect your statutory rights.  We keep this website updated, and maintain regular security checks to reduce the possiblity of privacy, security, and legal violations.  We are here to serve you the best, and to make sure that that your visit is painless, hassle-free and safe.

Returns & Replacements

We endeavour to make all returns and replacements as straightforward as possible. If you have a product that you are unsatisfied with, a damaged delivery, or anything else like this, please contact us and we will resolve the issue as required.

  • Should you have any problems with any delivery, this must be reported to us in writing within 3 working days.
  • Goods ordered in error but supplied correctly will incur a 20% re-stocking charge should you wish to return them.  The customer will need to arrange return delivery and once received back, the goods will be checked for damage.  In this situation, any damage to returns is chargeable.
  • In the event of goods arriving damaged on delivery, the delivery must be signed for as damaged, or refused.  If damaged goods are signed for as received, they can not be refunded or replaced.
Food Non-conformance Issue

We hold and maintain a high grade BRC accredited certification. Regular audits and inspections are carried out by independent parties, to ensure all our products and standards are maintained. If you have an issue with a food product that you believe does not conform to BRC Standards, please contact us immediately. We may require the product to be returned for reference and investigation.


Website ordering is your fastest and clearest method of ordering from us. For customers with a credit account, we also accept orders by email, fax and over the phone. Please contact us for more information.

When ordering by email, fax, or telephone, you will need to have your account number, purchase order number (if applicable), the product codes or names of the items required and the quantity of each item ready to give to us. If the order needs to be paid pro-forma, the order will be held until payment has been received and money cleared.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

To our knowledge, all pricing stated on this website is correct at time of entry. We update pricing as required, and pricing on this website can't be taken as a guarantee to hold prices for any length of time. If you think there is pricing that is incorrect please contact us and we will look into the query.

Payment is taken at checkout for orders, and can be paid through Paypal or by using a bank card (most common cards accepted).

We offer promotions to customers at our discretion, and can begin or end a promotion at any time.

Viewing Orders

If you would like to view previous, or pending orders, you can do so by signing into your account and navigating to "My Account > Account Dashboard".  To the right of the title "Recent Orders" you can "View all" which will show you a complete list of your orders.

Updating Account Information

If your account information is out of date, or needs amending, please sign in, and navigate to "My Account > Account Dashboard" to edit the contact information, newsletters, bililng address and shipping address.  If you need to amend your name, email or password, please navigate to "My Account > Account Information".

Corporate Information

For corprate information on Fulfil UK, please visit (opens in a new tab)

How can I become a distributor of your products?

If you are interested in becoming a distiributor of our products, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in detail.

I have a complaint

If you have a complaint, we are hear to listen and help you. Our goal is to rectify any issues quickly, efficiently and to ensure that they don't re-occur.  Please contact us by your preferred method and to discuss with one of our Customer Service representatives and we'll do everything we can to provide a resolution that you feel satisfied with.